Green Gas: Another WayChippenham Green Party's latest upcoming and free event for the new year. A positive look at alternatives to fracking gas with Helen Taylor, Ambassador for Ecotricity and Thomas Minter of Malaby Biogas.

On 17th December the Government issued licences to commence fracking in many areas of thecountry including block ST85, which covers the square area between Bradford on Avon and Westbury and Farleigh Hungerford to Ashton Common. This licence has been granted to SouthWest Energy Ltd. This makes the adoption of another way all the more urgent.

So what is green gas and how is it produced? This meeting will go some way towards answering this question. We know about solar panels, wind and water turbines, which generate electricity to be either used on site or fed into the national grid. Customers who installed solar panels have been impressed by how much surplus electricity they generate.

So now we will learn more about green gas. We do know that it is produced sustainably with no damage to the environment unlike using fossil fuels or the fracking process. We have heard of biodigesters which use organic material such as straw but what of other raw material? A noteable example is the GENeco plant at Avonmouth where Bristol sewage is processed to produce gas and the first 'Poo Bus' will soon be running on Bristol roads. A fleet of buses is expected to be in service in 2016 and a Bio-Bus is already in service between Bristol and Bath running on biomethane gas.

Malaby Biogas near Warminster has been in existence since 2012 using food waste to generate gas which runs a combined heat and power plant. Considering the amount of food waste there is this plant could be replicated in every town in the country.

With such inspiring examples of another way we ignore them at our peril.

This event is chaired by Tina Johnston Chippenham Green Party's contact and anti-fracking coordinator. All welcome!

Thursday 14th January, 7:30pm, the Masonic Hall, Church Street, Bradford on Avon. More information on Eventbrite.

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